Shasta the husky puppy

Shasta is a fictional husky from the movie "Snow Buddies." He is most familiar with dogsled racing, and is taught by Talon the Great. He feels embarrassed and angry when other dogs talk about the death of his parents. Sometimes he doesn't think about it, and sticks to the future. Shasta's dream is too be a great lead dog for Adam like his father was for Adam's dad, before his parents died. Thanks to the Buddies he accomplished this goal, despite the many dangers they faced

He met the buddies when they were wondering where they were.They were originally scared of him, mistaking him for a wolf,and ran screaming but when Shasta convinced them he was just a puppy like them he let them hide in his owners garage. He is often picked on by two older husky's,however when the buddies (mainly Rosbud)stuck up for him the two decided too insult them. He got really excited when the buddies agreed to be his sled team. He was at the front of the team with Rosebud. Despite how mean they were to him and the buddies,they still helped the two older husky's when they were about to sink in freezing cold water (the same way his parents died)After winning the race, he said goodbye to the buddies as they were returning to Fernfield. Fans believe Rosebud has a crush on Shasta because she is nice to him and called him dream of becoming like his dad "sweet." and also was the first to stick up for him when the adult husky's began bullying him but this is not confirmed in the movie itself. Although in the Snow buddies special features, she called him "fearless and super cute,". He is seen at the end of the movie dogsled racing with Adam.

He appeared in the "Buddy Bites" commentary where he said he was gonna be in a new movie. Rosebud called him "brave" when he had to crawl towards Jean George's sled to rescue the older husky's. At the end when he asked the buddies what their favorite part of the movie was, Rosebud said her favorite part was meeting him. Shasta awkwardly replied "Er...thanks Rosebud it was nice meeting you too". Unknowingly to him throughout the first half of the commentary (which he was not in) Rosebud was saying how much she liked him. She called him "Dreamy", "Cute" and said "he doesn't even have to speak to be amazing" She also said she liked his blue eyes and she got irritated when Mudbud was about to tell Shasta and quickly stopped him.

Relationships Edit

Mudbud Edit

Shasta said that Mudbud, along with Budderball, are the strongest therefore they should be at the end of the sled team. Mudbud was sad at the end when she had to say goodbye to Shasta and advised him to "hang loose". Shasta wondered why he is called Mudbud as the snow wiped of all the dirt on his coat.

Budderball Edit

Shasta also put Budderball at the end of the team, noting how he is the strongest. At the end of the movie Shasta told him "I'm gonna miss everything about you but your butt" referring to his habit of passing gas when his paw is pulled. Budderball sadly replied "I'm gonna miss you too, Shasta".

Buddha Edit

Buddha was the first one to notice Shasta from where he was hiding and watching them. During the race him and B-Dawg were in the middle because they are the fastest. When they stopped because two members of Jean George's team were stuck in cold water, Shasta told them that is how his parents died. After the Buddies said they knew, because Francois had told them earlier, Shasta asked "And you still raced, even though you knew it was dangerous?". Buddha replied "Like Talon said, sometimes you have to have faith." He was sad at the end when they said goodbye to their Alaskan friends.

B-Dawg Edit

B-Dawg first thought Shasta was a "huge wolf" and ran. In the race he and Buddha were in the middle since they were "the fastest" Like the others, he was sad when he had to say goodbye to their new friends and told Shasta "Shasta, your now officially part of my posse".

Rosebud Edit

When they first met, they all mistook her for a huge wolf but after seeing who he really was Rosebud introduced them to Shasta. Rosebud was in the front of the race, with Shasta, because she was the navigator. Like the others, she was sad at the end when they had to say goodbye to Shasta and told him "your the best friend my brothers and I ever had".In Snow Buddies special features, it was revealed she has crush on him.

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