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RoseBud Jovie Cozi Grove is a puppy who appears, along with her brothers, in the Air Buddies film series. Her favorite sport is soccer.


RoseBud is the youngest and only female puppy of the litter.She is very feisty but brave. She wears a pink bow on her head to separate herself from her older siblings. She hates being annoyed by her brothers, namely Budderball's gluttonous appetite and obesity problems. However, she deeply cares for them and is very protective, as seen in the first film when she defends them from a wolf (who turned out to be harmless). She likes wearing outfits and is into fashion. She lives in Fernfield, Washington, with her famous all-star father Air Bud (Buddy) and her mother Molly. Her owner is Alice, a young girl who is also a fashion freak.

In Air buddies she and her brothers ran away when they found out that they were going to have new owners each.However when their parents are kidnapped,the pups go to rescue them.During there journey they met a wolf who teaches them why they should not run away from their problems.At the end of the movie they rescue their parents and Rosebud gets a new owner, Alice.

In Snow buddies,while playing hide and seek,Budderball hides in a van with ice cream forcing the others to go in too.The van was put in a plane which was delivered to Alaska.While wondering where they are the buddies run into a Alaskan husky called Shasta.Several fans believe Rosebud has a crush on the young pup,which was evident because she stuck up for him when the older husky's where making fun of him and said his dream about sledging with owner was "sweet".Although this is never confirmed in the movie, in the "Dogumentary" special feature Rosebud called him "fearless and super cute" and was annoyed when B-dawg and Budderball teased her about it by saying "Where you and Shasta sitting in a tree?" Also in the "Buddy Bites" she was saying how much she liked him by saying stuff like "he's so dreamy" and "his blue eyes are mesmerising". After the pups agreed to be his sled team,Rosebud was to stay at the front of the team with Shasta as she was the navigator. They eventually won (after encountering dangerous obstacles) and their parents found them. Rosebud and the others said their goodbyes to their new friend and returned to Fernfield. Rosebud told him that he is the "best-est friend they ever had".

In Space buddies she along with her brothers were accidentally shot into space, aboard the Vision-1 space shuttle. Because of the ships low fuel, they were forced to lock on to a Russian space station where they encountered Spudnick, a Russian dog. When they were trapped in the kitchen Rosebud disagreed with her brothers failed plan of using Budderball to barge the door open. After returning from the moon (after several other chaotic events) she was reunited with Alice. At a ceremony for the Buddies she wore a pink space suit saying "she feels much better in pink" and along with her brothers were given the title of "Space buddies".

In Santa Buddies, she got annoyed when Puppy paws turned her outfit into a elf's costume. However she and her brothers and later realised they were to harsh with Puppy paws and helped him break out of the pound. When they arrived to Santa's workshop in the North Pole to assist him, Santa Paws stated that she had been on the nice list for ages. The buddies later replaced Santa's reindeer's in delivering presents around the world, remembering what Shasta and Talon taught them.

Next in Spooky Buddies, she and her brothers once again got into trouble when they caused B-Dawg to release the Halloween hound and Warwick from his mirror and running away after mistaking the ghost of Pip for the hound. For trick-or-treating she dressed up in a princess costume. In Zelda's magic shop Pip revealed himself to be a friendly ghost that the hound had attempted to devour. Rosebud apologised for not believing him and introduced herself and the others. When they were finally captured by the villains Pip came into help and in the process was turned to stone by the hound, so he could open the portal to the nether. After the buddies defeated the hound (thanks to Budderball's farting) and the humans defeated Warwick the heroes reunited with each other and every soul the hound devoured was restored. They said goodbye to Pip at the end when him and Mr. Johnston left to find his siblings owners.

In Treasure buddies (which is speculated to be a prequel to Spooky buddies as the kids appear younger)Rosebud and her siblings visit the Fernfield museum and hear the story of their great grandfather, Digger, who once accompanied Thomas Howard on an expedition to find the lost tomb of Cleocatra. After Mudbud alerts his siblings to the airport, he explains that Ubasti is trying to steal the lost collar of Cleocatra and reverse the order so cats rule and dogs and humans aren't. Rosebud declares that the Buddies will "come to the rescue" and sneak aboard the plane to Egypt. Upon arriving, she takes charge in order to prevent anyone from getting lost far from home (like in Snow buddies).She goes of by herself to look at some pink scarfs (a shop keeper puts one on her, unable to resist her cuteness). They encounter Babi the monkey and Cammy the camel and agree to help her find her tribe. At night,Rosebud comforts Mudbud, as he feels guilty for bringing his family with him. Eventually, after encountering numerous traps, the pup's stop Ubasti (who is turned to stone) and Philip and are praised as heroes.