MudBud is a puppy who appears, along with his brothers and sister and is presumably the youngest boy of the litter, in the Air Buddies film series. His favourite sport is volleyball.


MudBud is the filthiest of all the Buddies, hence his name. He wears a blue handkerchief for a collar and usually ends his sentences with "Dude." He likes rolling in dirt patches and hates getting soapy baths. He also appears to be quite mischievous as B-dawg described him as being a "repeat offender" when it comes to getting a time out. In Snow Buddies, the white snow he was trudging through in washed away all the mud on his fur, much to his dismay. Luckily, when the Buddies got back to Fernfield, MudBud rolled in a patch of dirt to make his fur look the way it used to. He lives in Fernfield, Washington, with his famous all-star father Air Bud (Buddy) and his mother Molly. His owner is Pete, a boy who was at first addicted to handheld video games, until MudBud taught him how to loosen up and be more outgoing.

In Air buddies him and his siblings caused a huge mess in the house while they had a pet sitter, prompting their owners to finally decide to give them to separate new owners. Like the others, Mudbud didn't like that idea. Buddy showed him to a boy called Pete who was addicted to video games and hated going outside but Mudbud didn't want to go with him. The next day Mudbud suggested they ran away, a plan which the others agreed to. However when their parents came looking for them, workers of Selkirk Tander kidnapped them and later began hunting them. The Buddies had to go all the way to Wine country to find them. Twice Mudbud got into a fight with his brother, B-dawg. At the end of the film he was given to Pete and the puppy taught him to be more out going and to hang loose.

In Snow buddies, Mudbud and Pete are shown to have bonded with each other and Mudbud stated that "the dudes finally learning to hang loose". After they were accidentally shipped to Alaska the Buddies met a Alaskan husky called Shasta. To his dismay, the snow had made his fur clean. After entering the dangerous dog sled race to help Shasta and his owner accomplish their dream as well as getting to the airport, he was in the end of the team with Budderball. When they won their parents had found them and couldn't recognise Mudbud because he was so clean. Luckily when they got home he rolled around in some dirt and he happily said "Fernfield home sweet dirt!" and re-united with Pete.

In Space buddies, he was shown getting a time out for making a mess in the house. His siblings freed him so they could all go and watch the launch of the Vison-1 space ship. When they tried out the space suits, Mudbud immediately rolled around in dirt to make it filthy. When they were accidentally shot into space and arrived at a former Soviet space facility, Mudbud suggested they try to barge the door open using Budderball which failed. At the end of the film the puppies were honoured in front of everyone the title of "Space buddies" and were given wings of heroism by Pi. They were also all over the news when Dr. Finkle purposely released the news of puppies in space to the media.

Relationships Edit

Budderball Edit

Budderball and Mudbud get on with each other and are often seen working together such as in Snow Buddies when they were both at the back of the sled team since they were "the strongest" and in Treasure Buddies when they were in the same group when they split up to search for Mudbud's owner. Mudbud stuck up for his brother when B-dawg snapped at him in Air Buddies. Like the others, he warns his siblings not to pull his paw, knowing that this causes him to pass unbearable gas.

B-dawg Edit

B-dawg and Mudbud behave similar in that they both try to act cool. However Mudbud prefers not to stress over small problems and "hang loose" while B-dawg likes showing of how cool he can be. Despite the big squabbles they had in Air Buddies, the two are still close brothers. The fights they had were mainly due to their frustration at their long journey to free their parents while being hunted. However they still remained close brothers and quickly made up with each other. In the Snow buddies "buddy bites" they would often make jokes at each other.

Rosebud Edit

Rosebud is protective of Mudbud, as shown in Space Buddies ,when she tried to focus her brother's attention to freeing Mudbud from his time out cage, and in Santa Buddies, when she was startled that Mudbud was in big trouble and had to wear a "clean costume". In Treasure Buddies she tried comforting him when he felt guilty about bringing the rest of his siblings to Egypt when his owner was in trouble.

Buddha Edit

Mudbud and Buddha have never argued and get along fine. Buddha broke up the fight between his siblings in Air Buddies and Mudbud views his opinions as correct as shown in Snow Buddies and Santa Buddies when he says "the zen dude is correctumundo!"

Buddy (Air Bud) Edit

Mudbud takes after his father in that he loves playing Volleyball.

Shasta Edit

When the Buddies introduced themselves to him, Shasta wondered why he was called Mudbud as the snow had made him clean. At the end of the movie Mudbud was, as well as his siblings, really sad to say goodbye to their new friend. Mudbud reminded him to "hang loose".


Trivia Edit

  • Mudbud mainly wears a blue handkerchief with his name on throughout most of the films. But in Santa Buddies he wore a red one and in Treasure Buddies he wore Digger's favourite bandanna.
  • B-dawg noted that every time it's a rainy day Mudbud repeatedly gets a "time out" because he rolls around in mud a lot.
  • Mudbud appears to be the youngest boy of the litter.

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