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Budderball is a puppy who appears, along with his brothers and sister, in the Air Buddies film series.


Budderball is the chubbiest, and presumably the oldest of the Buddies. He enjoys eating and wears black ink on his face to look like a football player. In addition to this, he also sports a red football shirt. When his paw is pulled, he passes unbearable gas. Because he is best known for being a food lover, this sometimes causes his siblings and himself to get into trouble. He lives in Fernfield, Washington with his famous all-star father Buddy and his mother Molly. His owner is Bartleby Livingston, a rich but lonely boy who was seemingly a bully at first, though all he truly wanted was a friend, which is why Budderball decided to stay with him. He once ate an entire budderball turkey (calling it a small sample) which is why he is named Budderball.


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