B-Dawg is a puppy who appears, along with his brothers and sister, in the Air Buddies film series.

Personality Edit

B-Dawg is known for his cool persona, as narrated by Sniffer in Air buddies. However his feisty and rebellious attitude soon becomes clear as a cover up for his fear of just about anything scary. His attempts to convince his sibling's otherwise prove to get him in to more trouble. He is also somewhat cocky as he approaches each challenge presented to him in each film as if they were nothing (although when actually faced with it he drastically changes). Other traits that can be seen associated with B-Dawg are mischievousness, obnoxious, boastful and- mainly in the first film- somewhat bratty. Although after Snow buddies, he appears more brotherly and levels down on some of these traits, however, he retains his "cool talk".


B-Dawg enjoys hip-hop, bling, and rap. He usually ends his sentences with "Dawg." His catchphrase is "I am the ultimate P-U-P!" B-Dawg is always trying to show off and make everyone think he's not scared, though in reality, he actually is. When he's talking to his brothers and sister or his mom, he always talks in slang, which often perplexes them. He is sometimes rebellious, as shown the first film when Mrs. Niggles told them to rest, he said, "No one tells B-Dawg he has to take a nap." He lives in Fernfield, Washington, with his famous all-star father Air Bud (Buddy) and his mother Molly. His owner is Billy, a boy who is into music and dancing.His attempts to convince his siblings he's not a scared cat often lead him to do dangerous things,such as when he summoned the Halloween Hound from Warwicks mirror by saying his name three times.He did however come up with a plan to defeat the hound. In Snow buddies, he was noted for being one of the "fastest" along with Buddha, hence why he was in the middle of the sled team. In Santa buddies he had to replace Shasta as the lead dog so they could pull the sleigh to save Christmas. Because he was the leader his nose turned red so he could light the way, Rosebud called him "Rudog". In Treasure buddies he was forced to give up his bling to Babi the monkey in exchange for help in finding Pete and his Grandpa. However it seemed like Babi decided to give it back as B-Dawg was wearing it at the end of the film. In Super buddies the rings of Inspiron gave B-Dawg super elastically. Eventually Commander Drex found the puppies and it was up to B-Dawg to defend his siblings from his electrical attacks since electricity cannot pass through rubber. The Buddies eventually defeated Drex and returned the rings to Megasis.

Relationships Edit

Buddha Edit

Out of all of the Buddies, B-Dawg seem's to be closer to Buddha than the others. Buddha is the only one who doesn't make jokes about how scared he get's. In Treasure Buddies the two were part of the same group when they split up to search for Pete and his Grandpa. B-Dawg played some music for his brother so he could defeat Slither at a challenge. Also in Snow buddies they were both in the middle of the team, meaning they are the fastest. However, B-Dawg does sometimes get annoyed at his meditating. He said in the "buddy bites" that it was boring.

Rosebud Edit

Rosebud and B-Dawg disagree a lot about somethings. Like in the Snow buddies "Buddy bites" Rosebud told B-Dawg to "get over himself" after he kept on boasting. She was also frustrated when he ran in the ice cream truck instead of standing guard. But they do still have a good relationship. For example in Snow buddies B-Dawg only confessed to Rosebud that he was scared of the race because of what happened to Shasta's parents but she re-assured him that it will be fine.

Budderball Edit

B-Dawg and Budderball are, like the others, close. But they sometimes have arguments. B-Dawg shouted to him, in Air buddies, "why don't you stop thinking about your stomach for once" leading to a small fight. Like the others, he always yells "don't pull his paw!" whenever someone is about to pull it because he releases gas then.

Mudbud Edit

Mudbud and B-Dawg had a small squabble in Air buddies while they were running behind the projector which was showing 101 Dalmatians at a drive in theatre and again got into a fight in the woods because they were annoyed at each other. They both like being cool but with a few differences. Mudbud likes "hanging loose" while B-Dawg prefers to show of how cool he can be.

Buddy (Air bud) Edit

B-Dawg takes after his father in that he loves playing basketball.

Molly Edit

B-Dawg's mum sometimes tries to use slang words when she talks to B-dawg so he can better understand her.

Shasta Edit

B-Dawg and the other buddies first met Shasta in Alaska, Snow buddies, and they all became close friends with him. B-Dawg agreed, with the others, to form a dog sled team to help Shasta and Adam accomplish their dream as well as getting to the airport. Shasta put him and Buddha in the middle of the team because they are the fastest. B-Dawg was sad when they had to say goodbye to him and said to their husky friend "Shasta, your now officially part of my posse"


  • Buddha is the only puppy who B-Dawg doesn't have an argument with in the entire series. He is shown to fight Budderball, occasionally. There is a healthy sibling rivalry between him and Mudbud, as they try to act cool. He disagrees with Rosebud about lot of things and also Rosebud tends to find his boasting annoying. Overall, B-Dawg and Buddha have the closest relationship.
  • B-Dawg is the naughtiest puppy of all, as he is rude, disrespectful and troublesome. He can even appear to be insensitive sometimes as he says things like "...take Budderball first he's got the most meat on him and " him! He has plenty of meat on dim bones..." He doesn't seem to have a good relationship with Budderball because he tends to shout at him, like in Air Buddies. He sometimes makes fun of him, like in the haunted house, in Spooky Buddies.  
  • B-Dawg suffers from pantophobia (fear of everything). Although, he acts tough, he is completely the opposite and has a strong dislike for cats (especially Miss Mittens, who would kill him if he chases her kitten).  
  • In all of the film's poster's, B-Dawg is seen wearing some form of glasses, yet the only time he ever wears any of these is in Space buddies, where he briefly wears Vision's vector glasses.